Cost effective way of Preserving A Ship

We are the pioneers in Preserving A Ship vessel protecting sector in Asia with a phenomenal performance history spanning over 40 years.
ISC has a record of tested quality in the layup market
ISC’s History
ISC’s Strengths
ISC’s Accreditations
Key player to prepare of market standards
As an industry leader, ISC was instrumental in the adjustment of guidelines and policies used by legal bodies in the layup sector. Lloyd’s Register’s main layup guidelines were created by ISC in 2008 and it just recently included in our added layup standards for freight containment system for LNG vessels. We remain to pave the way in the growth and implementation of regulations and also guidelines in the direction of the continuous enhancement of the vessel layup industry.

ISC has a remarkable listing of satisfied clients

ISC has a team of seasoned people to take care of your vessel
Our proficiencies:
extensive marine experience making up ex-marine engineers and also deck police officers that have seagoing Certification of Competency as well as experience ranging from third engineer up to Chief Designer from different international going freight vessels
adherence to guidelines and guidelines
expense awareness
strong problem addressing abilities
result oriented
extremely encouraged personnel

Wellness, Security, Safety, Atmosphere in Preserving A Ship
Safety, protection as well as safety actions are vital to ISC. ISC takes satisfaction in the stringent safety criteria employed by its individuals, 3rd party contractors and Customers. In 2018, ISC proudly noted its 6 million man hours without Lost Time to Injury (LTI).

The ISC HSSE approach:

Preserving A Ship

Absolutely no tolerance strategy to health, safety as well as safety and security.
Staff members are fully trained in emergency situation reaction and backup preparation.
All laid-up vessels are totally equipped with live communication and GENERAL PRACTITIONER solutions to make it possible for the on-board crew to call base as well as other laid-up vessels.
HSSEQ Supervisor is a certified master mariner with more than twenty years of sea-going experience.
Safe layup anchorage.
Layup anchorage location lies in Brunei Bay a secure as well as sheltered anchorage particularly approved by the Malaysian federal government for the layup of ships and rigs.


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